Twitch Partner and Partner/Coach partnerand USCF Expert chess player.  Certified USCF chess coach. 

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Hi, My name is Coach Frank. I am an USCF Certified Chess Instructor and Chess Expert. I have been playing chess for over 30 years and teaching chess for 16+ years.

My specialty is the newer student u1600. 

I have developed a system to eliminate common mistakes from this class and below. The system is based on recognizing mistake patterns and then applying the appropriate training material.

I am also a partner and streamer. Please feel free to follow me on to get more information or to ask further questions.


In the Press

Frank Johnson and Jimmy Canty have signed on with Premier and Noble, respectively. Both have benefited from this wave and look forward to developing a larger platform for chess.

Now we’re in a new era and many players have taken on an Internet persona either through Twitch streaming or YouTube channels. The result has represented a boon to chess that some are calling the first since the “Fischer Boom.” The global pandemic has been a blessing in disguise with many being tethered to their computers through telecommuting and online education via ZOOM.


I believe that this new inclusion will fast-track competitive play not only for top-level players but also for players at the state and local levels. Chess as an esport also has the additional benefit of bringing even more potential players.

~Frank Johnson, ChessCoach.Net


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