I am Shake! I own a Pizzeria & stream full time | Content Creator for @_PremierGG |  LIVE Sun/Mon/Wed/Thurs @ 11am EST 

Hey! My name is Sarah, but you all know me as Shake, or Shakeinburger!

I have a Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology with a minor in Political Science. I used to be a full time case manager at a residential treatment center. Recently, my boyfriend and I opened up a pizzeria in Upstate NY called Buck’s Pizzeria and I am now a full time Content Creator!

I have lived in Upstate New York my entire life! I grew up in a small town, worked at a local pizza shop (which we own now), then got a job in the electronics department at Target.

I have two dogs: Ava and Guinness! I love being a dog mom. Ava is a pomsky and has one blue eye. Guinness is a pitbull/boxer mix. I also have a salt water aquarium!

Besides working and gaming, I love Harry Potter! I am not your average Potterhead, as I love researching the ongoing lore within the series. Being a proud Hufflepuff, I have 8 Harry Potter tattoos on my leg.

The Shake Community is loving, supportive, and I thank you all for getting me to where I am at today! 2021 will be amazing, and one of my favorite quotes is, “you cannot have a good streamer without their community.”